Will Obama and Clinton Cancel Each Other Out?

by Dax-Devlon Ross

Check the Washington Post this morning? Interesting article about the back and forth between Clinton and Obama.

One quote I pulled out:  

 “Geoffrey D. Garin, a leading Democratic pollster not aligned with a presidential campaign, said that the shadowboxing at this stage is primarily tactical rather than strategic and that Obama and Clinton are very different candidates in little danger of mimicking each other.”

Is this the issue, though? Is it really about “mimicking” each other? I think the greater concern is whether they will  destroy each other’s credibility?

I’ve been thinking this for weeks but now I’m starting to really wonder if they both are going to end up losing the Democractic Nomination.  My guess is John Edwards. He’s the darkhorse right now. No one’s paying any attention to him. It just seems too early for Clinton and Obama to be sparring like this.