Gilbertology 101: Why this Injury Isn’t the return of the Curse O’ Les Boulez

by Dax-Devlon Ross

Despite Michael Wilbon’s wild proclamations to the contrary even with a healthy Caron Butler and Gilbert Arenas the Wizards weren’t going to win the Eastern Conference title, let alone the NBA crown. They weren’t. As fantabulous as they are when they’re on, they, and their superstar playmaker Gilbert Arenas, are still a low-post presence away from seriously contending. That gaping hole inside aside, the Wizards have proven, during stretches at least, that they can play with and beat anyone in the league. They have three bonafide stars, three strong role players who will rise to the occasion over the next few weeks (Stevenson, Hayes and Daniels), and two of toughest, roughest garbage players in the conference (Ruffin and Etan Thomas). What they haven’t proven, and the primary reason Miami has been able to catch them after a sluggish start and with their superstar sidelined, is that they can – to quote eminently quotable Charles Barkely – “impose their will” on upper-crust teams in any consistent manner, Wilbon’s arguably valid point about the Pistons notwithstanding. At best, this Wizards team would’ve made it to the second round. At best.

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