The Starting Five is Live!!!

by Dax-Devlon Ross

I’m pleased to announce that I’m entering into an exciting ambition blog style with four other very talented writers.The Starting Five

This is from our about page:

The Starting Five (TSF) intends to cause a ruckus in the most honorable way. Our collective goal is to provide sports fans with an alternative to the popular Internet sports readings of the day.

We are scrupulous in our reporting of sports-related topics and subject matter; we source actual people; we reference actual publications. We relate the truth as it finds us, not as we want it to be.

Some days TSF will raise eyebrows. Some days TSF will anger many people, but inform more. But most importantly, we of TSF will be relentless in our pursuit of knowledge about the games about which we write and equally relentless in our pursuit of the truth about the people in and around the games, sports, and leagues we love.

Welcome to The Starting Five.

the HNIC Report will continue to operate as a political commentary blog but from here on out all of my sports writing will appear on TSF


Dax-Devlon Ross