Goodell’s Gamble and The New “Pacman Rule”

by Dax-Devlon Ross

 I’m not weighing in to defend Adam “Pacman” Jones. Let’s just get that out in the open now. There are way too many deserving people in world for whom my pen would be better put to use if that were my aim. I’m not about to attack Jones either. I’m weighing in because D-Wil asked me to and because once I started thinking about it I discovered a couple of questions I wanted to throw to the wolves— you guys!

Goodell’s Gamble?

Roger Goodell brought the pain to Pacman Jones yesterday and the sentiment around the NFL and the sports world is that he made the right decision. But I don’t see his “swift justice” plan working. Not just for Adam Jones, but for the NFL as a whole. What if player misconduct doesn’t decline? We need only look as far as the White House’s Iraq policy to see that sheer force of will doesn’t always equate to victory? Sometimes there’s a backlash. Others a lag-time. Is Goodell prepared to fight this particular fight over the long haul? Or does he honestly believe this single sledge-hammer is going to solve his problems? For his sake, I hope this opening round knock-down does the truck. But if it doesn’t, will Goodell continue to suspend players for entire seasons? He’ll have to.

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