The Underdog’s Manifesto

by Dax-Devlon Ross

The Underdog’s Manifesto
A Gue
rrilla’s Artist’s Path to Independence

By Creature w/Dax-Devlon Ross


Part memoir, part survival manual, The Underdog’s Manifesto isn’t just one artist’s story — it’s every artist’s story. It’s our laughter in the face of disbelief; our resistance of corporate domination and social apathy; our commitment to crafting something original despite our culture’s fascination with derivative, disposable mush. Underdog is the anti-How-To book. Creature’s aim isn’t to sell another rags to riches homily; through his candid reflections, raw wisdom and generosity of spirit he reminds us that there’s no shame in a hard day’s hustle. Throughout history underdogs have spirited the most authentic, audacious and original art, and spawned movements forever altering the creative landscape. Years from now Underdog may very well be regarded as the artistpreneur’s clarion call. In the meantime let the voices and visions of these artists inspire you to look within and ask yourself why you create, what you’re willing to sacrifice, what you believe and what it really means to be successful. Featuring interviews with Underdogs such as Percee P., Duo Live and “Lucky” Logan P. McCoy and afterword by revolutionary thinker Jeremy Glick – the man that frustrated Bill O’Reilly as no one else ever has – The Underdog’s Manifesto is an indispensable and evolutionary addition to the process of becoming a confident and full-bodied artist.

Having sold more than 10,000 copies of his debut, Never Say Die, directly to fans in less than a year, Creature stands at the forefront of an emerging vanguard of entrepreneur-artists. He has recorded with the Beatnuts, MF Doom, Mike Ladd, Slug and Rob Sonic, and has shared the stage with Papoose, Sadat X, DJ Premier, Common and Immortal Technique. His follow-up, Hustle To Be Free, reaffirms his status as NY’s hardest working artist. Visit Creature online here.

Dax-Devlon Ross is the author of Beat of a Different Drum and The Best of Intentions, and co-author of a collection of essays, A Staircase of Words. He is a founding publisher of Outside the Box Publishing and the editor of the HNIC Report. Ross is a graduate of George Washington University Law School and a former NYC school teacher. An underdog himself, he connected with Creature the moment the two met in 2004. Visit Dax online here.

The Underdog’s Manifesto: $10.95. Available now from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.