Africa: A Creation of the United States of Africa – is It People-Driven?

by Dax-Devlon Ross

A Creation of the United States of Africa – Is It
The Times of Zambia (Ndola)
By Hicks Sikazwe

“LADIES and gentlemen welcome to Libya. Kindly adjust
your seat belts we are about to land at Tripoli
International airport”, announces an airhostess on a
KLM 14.50 flight from Amsterdam in the Netherlands.
“Taking pictures is not allowed at the airport.
Alcoholic beverages are not permitted either in this
country,” she cautions further.

Passengers disembark from the aircraft which has since
ceased hissing.

On board are delegates to an activists’ meeting on the
setting up of an African Union (AU) government.
Eighteen Zambians out of the 22 invited to the
gathering are among the people now streaming from the
plane into the airport lobby for formalities.

Almost every body mumbles something about the
sweltering heat. Libya can be hot and in the cold
season it is another extreme, the locals confess.
Suddenly, officials (presumably from the Libyan
Foreign Affairs), swam the Zambian team, asking for
passports and later ushering the group to a posh
lounge at the airport.

One official specifically asks for passports from
journalists. I surrender mine so do my colleagues from
Zambia Daily Mail and The Post.

Well, this is Libya, the country whose leader Muammar
Gadaffi is currently championing the establishment of
a continental government that should transform Africa
into the United States of Africa.

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