An Urgent Call For Support!!!

by Dax-Devlon Ross

A few weeks back my good friend and artistic collaborator  Jonathan Sears opened a brand new art gallery in Cincinnati. We spoke a few times before the opening and I can attest to his excitement and pride. Opening a gallery is an accomplishment.  This wasn’t just a gallery, though. It was a 19th century shot-gun home that had been salvaged from the brink of ruin and fully restored over the span of three months by Jonathan and his partner. The North Side Gallery was supposed to be a community to showcase emerging artists, masters and “progressive installations.” Among the artists premiering at the show was Ellington Robinson, another dear friend and  collaborator. The gallery opening received strong reviews. But then the owner of the building — who was a partner in the enterprise —  went bonkers. For absolutely no legitimate reason, he padlocked the house and put $50,000 worth of art out on the street.

Jonathan and his partner, Chris Hoeting, invested roughly $20,000 in the restoration of the building and its conversion into a gallery space. They put everything of themselves into this project for three months and they were  seeing the fruits of their labor. I spoke to Jonathan in the midst of the chaos. You can imagine how he was feeling.

Fortunately they didn’t take the abuse lying down. They filed the necessary adjudicatory papers and then they got back to work. Sears and Hoeting rented a pair of U-Hauls and put on a Renegade Art Show/ Fundraiser in front of the home they were summarily evicted from.

Now they’re looking for support. I’ve donated to the cause. If you care about art, consider doing so too.

Click Here for more details on how you can.

If you want to read more about what happened, click here.

Long Live the Renegades,