Lies, Politics, and Basketball

by darryloliver

If your name was Michael Jordan and you were a benchwarming basketball player in high school that never made it to a D1 program, would you tell people that you played basketball for the UNC Tarheels in college or the Chicago Bulls in the mid 90s?

Councilman Brown

What about if your name was Michael Brown? Would you try to pass yourself off as another Michael Brown? No, you wouldn’t because the truthfulness (or lack thereof) of your statement can be easily verified. So why would Brown, a DC Councilman tell a reporter that he was an All-Metro basketball player in 1983 when he clearly was not? I think its because he’s an arrogant doofus. This isn’t even a slip up – its a lie that the councilman has maintained to the reporter on several occasions over the years.

This is disappointing on several levels. The first rule of basketball etiquette is that you always tell the truth. You receive – or are denied – props based on what you’ve accomplished. Men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t. If you say that you played with certain people, or on certain teams, you had better be telling the truth, or else that lie will come back to haunt you one day, as it is doing to Councilman Brown right here, right now.

Secondly, this man is an elected official who has been vested with the public trust. If he is running around DC, lying about whether he was All-Metro as a high school player, what else has he lied about? Can he be trusted? Asking whether a politician can be trusted is like asking a Black man if he trusts the police. Did Brown tell DC residents that he was All-Met on the campaign trail to get more votes? He probably did. This lie propagated by Brown could very well have contributed to his election win. He disgusts me.

Third, DC’s basketball legends often stay local because when they do, they are treated like GODS. You may not have ever heard of them outside of the metro area, but trust me, these guys have it made if they stay home after achieving basketball greatness. There is always a job waiting for them somewhere and they can kind of skate by unnoticed and under the radar without having too much scrutiny being paid to them. Everybody loves them. We will overlook their addictions and bad habits because we have a special place in our hearts for hometown athletic heroes.

I hope that his opponent exploits this situation for all that he can. We can’t allow a lying, non basketball playing, fuzzy memory having, councilman to continue representing the residents of DC. It just wouldn’t be right.