Is the Age of Post-Racial Politics Already Over?

by Dax-Devlon Ross

Mayor-elect Gray and Fenty share a rare soul shake

In booting incumbent Adrian Fenty from his mayoral perch this past week, Washington, D.C. Democrats made a loud, clear statement about the kind of leadership they will not tolerate. Aloof? Arrogant? Determined to make change? Results-at-all-costs oriented? If so, then don’t bother applying for the mayor’s job. That role is still strictly reserved for applicants who can, first and foremost, make folks feel good. In actuality it’s a job requirement befitting a city that is ostensibly owned and operated by the federal government anyway. Let’s be honest here. If at any given moment Congress can terminate the city’s home rule charter which would in turn nullify the authority of the mayor and city council, what power does the  mayor have other than that which is ceremonial anyway?

Okay, fine, I’m exaggerating the situation. And I’m sure the new Mayor-elect,  Vincent Gray, will do a fine job. He’s certainly proven his commitment to D.C. through his long public service career. Still, it seems appropriate to step back a moment and actually look at what Adrian Fenty accomplished in the last four years:

  • Streets are cleaner and safer
  • Crime rates are lower
  • Schools have improved, in some cases dramatically.
  • The business community is thriving
  • D.C. night life is vibrant Read the rest of this entry »