Take Out the Trash Day Strikes Again

by Dax-Devlon Ross

Years ago someone — I forget who or where —  told me that if I read no other paper through the week, I should always read the Saturday edition. I wondered why. After all, chances are Saturday is the one day people won’t be reading the paper as dutifully and are more likely to bypass the news. Then I saw this episode of The West Wing and it clicked. Fact is, the Saturday NY Times is my one must-read paper of the week. Over time I’ve learned it’s where unpopular stories go to die. This week was no exception. While most of us were preparing for the Hurricane, this past Saturday’s paper had a doozy: 27% pay raises for state judges!

Miraculously, the same Albany budgeteers who want to fire teachers and gut state employee pension programs, found the money to increase judicial pay for an incontrovertibly broken system by an estimated $50,000,000 a year.