Four Old Ideas for the Future of the Occupation Movement

by Dax-Devlon Ross

For the last two weeks I’ve been thinking about directions the Occupy Movement can go in that would allow more to become involved and keep the movement thriving as winter sets in. While we may not have clear demands from them, we know Occupiers want an alternative world. We also know that in any revolutionary movement you need people to play different roles. Everyone can’t be a soldier on the street. Some people have to keep their job and lay low and even appear to be indifferent so they can support the movement in ways that are vital to its endgame. For example, two weekends ago I was walking down Broadway and 105th when I noticed a sign outside a small restaurant I’d never even noticed before. They were offering an “Occupy Wall Street” salad. I went in, had a fantastic meal and spoke with the owner. It turned out he was closing the restaurant daily in order to drive food to the Occupiers. “They’re fighting for me,” he said to me. “The least I can do is show my appreciation and support.”

While the news coverage of the Occupation is becoming prickly and impatient, the conversation is spreading. As it spreads those who may not be cut out for street protests are going to be looking for ways to show their support. What’s already possible is the systematic divestment of capital from the markets and industries that are causing the most harm. These are just a few ideas that, while not new, could be resuscitated and given new life in the Occupy Movement.

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