Vibe and Vegas Show: Dax-Devlon Ross – 2011 Through The Mind, The Mouth, The Heart and The Soul Of Black Men

by Dax-Devlon Ross

From The Vibe and Vegas Show:

During the month of December, we are going to present an interview series titled, “2011 From The Mind, The Mouth, The Heart And The Soul Of Black Men”. These interviews will feature Black men talking about what events or subjects impacted them during 2011.

Dax-Devlon Ross is a writer, author, lawyer and a artist.

During our conversation about 2011, Dax speaks about the “Occupy Movement” and Blacks reaction to it, Barack Obama, Herman Cain, Black male and female relationships, Blacks and their belief in God, homosexuality and the Black church, individualism and North American society, Troy Davis, Black men and the criminal justice system, the strikes in the NFL and the NBA and the message that it sends and what he is looking forward to in 2012.

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